Here's what we do

To better serve you.


Daily Cleaning:

Commercial strip plazas cleaned on a 7 day schedule prior to opening.

Litter Vac Services:

This involves the clean up of retail centers using design built vacuum machines such as those used by municipalities. In today's big block retail centers walking with a bag and broom does not cut it. In order to effectively clean 10 to 30 acre sites machinery must be used.

Manual Litter Pick up:

Not all retail centers require vacuum machines to be used daily. Smaller centers can be effectively cleaned manually and intermittently vacuumed or power swept.

Power Sweeping:

In order to serve our customers better we own and operate our own sweeping equipment, from a full size street sweeper to smaller underground sweepers. We have the right machines to get the job done.

Spring cleanup
Monthly sweeps
Emergency response


Landscaping services include cutting and maintaining all lawn and garden areas on a weekly basis.

Pruning services, Fertilizing, In house licensed pesticide applicators, Landscape improvements, Planting of annuals, Irrigation start up, repairs and winterization.

Snow Removal:

Snow removal services include the clearing and salting of all accessible areas of the properties including all side walks, driveways, parking lots, and loading areas.

Snow removal and / or relocation, Pushback and / or stacking, 24 hr. Monitoring of weather conditions, Emergency response within 1hr.

Mechanical Services:

Due to the years of experience in the property maintenance business we have evolved and learned to deal with many situations.

- Plumbing Issues; supply and drainage.
- Electrical; Shut downs, main line repairs and resets, phase out problems, time clock monitoring and lighting repairs.
- HVAC systems; Heating and cooling.

Life And Safety Systems:

Today's commercial retail properties are protected by state of the art fire monitoring and suppression systems.

24 hr. on call staff in our organization are able to make critical decisions on all trouble zone signals called in by the monitoring station.

Liability Insurance:

Verde Property Maintenance Ltd. Is covered by $ 5,000,000.00 liability insurance per occurrence, as per industry standards. All plated motorized vehicles are separately insured under an automobile policy.

24 hr. key holder attendance in case of fire alarm.

24 hr. security fire watch when monitoring is down.

24 Hour Availability:

We are available 24 hr / 365 days a year to answer any emergency calls that may arise. With an intricate system of mobile phones and email, land lines and pagers , you can always get a hold of someone.

Window breaks
Fires and False alarms
Water line freeze-ups
HVAC failures
Key holder attendance
Plumbing issues
Electrical issues